A God’s Life.

Life has a way of testing you. Accepting when it’s time to remove yourself from a situation, and let the cards fall is intricate. I feel my world is a big house built out of playing cards… I’m at the bottom holding it all up. It’s easy to come along and be the last card stacked on top///It’s also easy to be that last card that collapses all the work that has been built. I’m learning that I prefer to remain at the bottom. I’m the foundation

Thought: Maybe the point of arriving first isn’t about being the first one to do it. Maybe it’s about being there from the start to observe and learn from everything that comes after. The good, and the bad. They say the gods came here and built this world and are far away just watching. I’m no god, but here’s where I will remain… building, and watching.


Deciding who you want to be and how is nothing but trial and error…. Everyone that walks into your life is a victim, or victor in that journey.

Sometimes I wonder if my relationship with social media is reflective of what I feel my place in this generation is… Or if I even have one.


This is my jungle gym. Come Play. :]

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